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Introducing our comprehensive 12-Week Life Planner, designed to empower you in achieving your goals, fostering self-care, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This planner is thoughtfully crafted to bring structure and balance to your life, offering various features to help you stay organized and prioritize your well-being.

Introducing "Campus Waves": Your New Academic Ally on the Airwaves

Dear Academic Community,

Excitement is buzzing in the air as we unveil a groundbreaking initiative designed to elevate your academic journey and enhance student support – "Campus Waves," our brand-new podcast! 🌟

What's Campus Waves All About?

Imagine having your very own radio station dedicated to addressing the highs, lows, and everything in between of student life. Well, that's exactly what Campus Waves is here for! We are your internal radio, your academic companion, and your go-to source for insights, advice, and inspiration.

Why a Podcast?

In the spirit of fostering a connected and informed student community, we've ventured into the world of podcasting. It's an accessible, on-the-go platform where you can tune in anytime, anywhere – whether you're commuting to class, taking a study break, or winding down for the day. The podcast is co-hosted by Ms. Roxana Badea (psychologist, anxiety specialist and wellbeing coach) and Dr. Manousos Klados (mathematician, assoc. prof in Neuroscience, academic/research coach).

What to Expect?

From expert interviews and study hacks to personal stories of triumph and resilience, Campus Waves covers it all. We're delving into topics like exam preparation, mental health, extracurricular pursuits, and the many facets of student life and the transition to your professional life. Expect a mix of engaging discussions, insightful tips, and even some surprise segments to keep you entertained.

How to Tune In?

Subscribe to my mailing list by clicking here, and you will get notified when our first episode will be released.

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