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HOPE: Pre-surgical Evaluation of Medical Refractory Paediatric Epilepsy 

HOPE aims to develop an integrated technology for the automatic detection of HFOs using non-invasive neuroimaging modalities, like EEG and MEG, tackling current limitations in the hardware and software technologies. The development of an automatic detection approach will also provide a neurofeedback platform for the inhibition of HFOs.












    Aston Optimec18

    The main objective of this project is to develop Optimec’s capability for precision metrology using Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), by exploiting novel calibration and image processing techniques to deliver an innovative range of devices for use in ophthalmic and non-ophthalmic manufacturing sectors.


    Innovative UK









      NEUROFOS: The impact of Intracranial light stimulation in the geriatric depression. 

      The purpose of this project is to evaluate the efficacy of the transcranial light diffusion through the auditory pathway to geriatric depression with the use of EEG.












      Dr. James Brown

      Aston University

      Manos is an outstanding early career scientist who has demonstrated already the ability to successfully design, implement and coordinate large studies. His knowledge and expertise in the fields of applied biomedical engineering and neuroscience is extremely valuable and he can apply this knowledge to public engagement to ensure his research has impact.

      Dr. Christoph Guger

      gtec Neurotechnology GmbH

      Manousos is a highly experienced researcher, conferenceorganizer and efficient project leader for international researchprojects.

      Prof. Fabio Babiloni

      Univ. of Rome "Sapienza"

      I know Manousos since a while, in the framework of the organization of different conferences (SAN) and for scientific reasons during a preparation of an EU project (HOPE). I get a super impression of Manousos as a scientist and as a man: very well prepared in his job and in his knowledge of signal processing, he is also gentle and available with everybody. From a professional point of view, his realization of the project HOPE in the framework of the H2020-MSCA-RISE funding program was excellent. The project has been funded and I look forward to interacting with him across the next four years of scientific cooperation in the area of biomedical signal processing. It will be a very interesting scientific trip.

      Dr. Khaled Goher

      Lincoln University

      I worked with Dr Klados at Aston University and he has been a great team member. Manousos is a great person to work with. He is a professional academic and top researcher in his filed. He has excellent communication skills and seems proactive in doing cutting edge research. What makes Manousos very special colleague is his professionality and dignity. He knows what he is heading too very well and I have no doubt that he will go so far as a leading researcher. I will be glad to work with him in the future in the field of BCI and assistive devices.

      Dr. Tecla Bonci

      Aston University

      I have been working with Manousos for one year. He is a greatcolleague and he is literally a volcano of great ideas! He is amotivated, forward-thinking and smart lecturer and researcher.


      Ms. Georgia Peleka

      MSc in Medical Informatics (AUTH)

      Manousos has been my supervisor in many of my classes during my Master's degree and during the research for my Master's thesis (that included neuroscience, brain connectivity, and signal processing). I have learned a great deal about him and his abilities. Manousos has excellent teaching capabilities and can effortlessly break down difficult and complex subjects in order to be easily understandable by students with minimum prior knowledge on the subject. He was always willing to help me with whatever issues I had, and was there whenever I needed mentoring in his areas of expertise. His determination and guidance helped me to excel in my classes and led me to be interested in research and neuroscience.

      Dr. Konstantina Kalogianni

      MSc in Medical Informatics (AUTH)

      While attending my Master in Medical Informatics, Manousos was a tutor in several courses. In his lectures and practical sessions he was always very well prepared and very happy to answer all the questions and guide us. After tutoring hours, he was always making himself available and was always willing to help. He also helped me with the final analysis of my master thesis. I must say that his devotion and enthusiasm in in his work always inspired me. The discussions we had, got me interested as well in the field of Neurosciences and some years later I am doing my PhD at a similar field as his. I hope we will have the opportunity to collaborate in the near future.

      Ms. Natasha Rupansinghe

      BEng in Biomedical Engineering

      (Aston University)

      Ms Anam Ghunam

      BEng in Biomedical Engineering 

      (Aston University)

      I had Dr Klados as my lecturer for my BEng course. Dr Klados is aperson who goes above and beyond in helping students thinkoutside the box and pushes them to think in their unique way! Heis definitely a passionate and a fun lecturer. I had a pleasureknowing Dr Klados!

      Mr.. Vasilis Pezoulas

      Manousos is a creative thinker and a great problem solver. He is asmart, hard-working person with a strong will to accomplish hischosen goals. His valuable support to my thesis, as a supervisor,has been excellent and crucial for my work.


      I was fortunate enough to have Dr Manousos Klados as my final year project supervisor. Without his ongoing support and encouragement; the successful completion of the project would not have been possible. His door was always open if ever I needed any advise or had any problems. I greatly benefited from his expertise within the field and his keen interest for teaching.


      BSc in Psychology

      Department of Psychology, The University of Sheffield, International Faculty CITY College

      Discovering Science (Module Leader)

      MSc in Counseling Psychology

      Department of Psychology, The University of Sheffield, International Faculty CITY College

      Quantitive Skills - Statistics


      BEng/MEng in Biomedical Engineering

      Department of Biomedical Engineering, Aston University 

      Software Engineering - BE1SE1 (Module Leader)

      Medical Imaging - BE3MI1 (Module Leader)

      MSc in Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience,

      Department of Psychology, Technical University of Dresden 

      EEG Signal Processing (Module Leader)

      • The 15th Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing (MEDICON 2019) 

      • The 12th Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing (MEDICON 2016) 

      • The Meeting of the Society of Applied Neurosciences (SAN2014)

      • The Meeting of the Society of Applied Neurosciences (SAN2011) 

      • The 12th Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing (MEDICON 2010) 

      • The 4th International Symposium on Bio- and Medical Informatics and Cybernetics (BMIC 2010) 

      • The 13th World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (WMSCI 2009) 

      • The 3rd International Symposium on Bio- and Medical Informatics and Cybernetics (BMIC 2009) 

      • The 9th International Conference on Information Technology and Applications in Biomedicine (ITAB 2009) 

      • The 3rd International Conference on PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments (PETRA 2009)


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