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Aston rises 11 places in latest university rankings

The Complete University Guide 2020 has named Aston University as the 34th best university in the UK out of a possible 131 institutions.


The result is one of multiple successes achieved in the annual league table, which has seen Aston rise 11 places from last year.

Other achievements include:

  • A ranking of 20th for the proportion of students achieving a ‘good honours degree’ – up six places from 2019

  • The number of students who achieve ‘degree completion’ has risen to 25th – up eight places from 2019

  • The student to staff ratio at the university is up 30 places to 95 from 2019’s league table

The university has also enjoyed success in the performance of its individual subjects which include:

  • A ranking of 36 out of 102 institutions for Accounting and Finance – a rise of three places from 2019

  • Economics has placed 23rd out of 77 UK institutionsLaw has risen by seven places since 2019 to 45

To calculate the rankings, the Complete University Guide measures 10 key aspects of university activity using the most recent data available at the time of completion.

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